Consultorio de Arquitectura Práctica, Ciudad de México (México) 2017.

Consultorio de Arquitectura Práctica (Independent)

We are an organization named Consultorio de Arquitectura Práctica (CAP) whose line of action lays in participatory design projects in the field of social architecture that aim to improve the habitat of communities. We have developed a management methodology for those who work in social projects and that compromise the three principal actors we consider to be key as part of a project of this characteristics: universities, communities and social organizations. We are trying to be a link between these actors so that we may help them develop private and social projects to be executed through participatory design strategies as an optimum alternative design approach for communities who need it.
We have been developing three principal strategies which are: The realization of three operation manuals for “Practical Architecture Projects” that are focused in the three principal actors that were mentioned before. Community, University and Organizations. Our second strategy is a digital platform that serves as a connection between these actors. From it we are trying to generate a big national data base that let us connect, as of regions, communities with the universities near them, volunteers, donors and associations of any kind. At last we are imparting some workshops about participatory design tools and some conferences about our project. From January until now we have given, more or less, 17 workshops in 13 different universities all around the country, hoping to give at least another 5 for the end of the year and 2 more conferences.

CAP participants: José Abraham Buenrostro Valadéz , Cipactlic Casas Cruz, María Fernanda Corominas Gasca, Daniel Enrique Filloy Ring, Lillian Martínez Villazón Robledo , Luis Daniel Munguía Peña flores , Silvia Angélica Reza Cisneros, Úrsula Schwuchow Machorro, Iris Carolina Sosa Pérez.

Research Question: Does participatory design in architecture improve the quality of life of people?

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