Building Blocks Berlin


BBB 109_exhibition_embassy_01-220x329Building Blocks Berlin, Berlin (Germany) 2012

die Baupiloten, Technical University Berlin

Die Baupiloten were invited with five other architects to be part of the “Building Blocks Berlin” exhibition at the Nordic Embassy. The project enables children and young people to be the clients of small temporary buildings and participate in the design and construction process.

We worked together with three teenage girls from the Albert-Schweitzer-School to develop the “Blickfänger”, an elevated 4m x 4m stepped platform which offers views from a variety of different seating positions; the “living room” for hanging out in a large group, cosy niches for private chit-chat and a sun terrace for lying and looking at the sky. The five groups’ design proposals were constructed as 1:1 buildings at the Nordic Embassy. Following the exhibition, our pupils re-erected the “Blickfänger” seating landscape in a new constellation to enliven the square in front of their school.

The “Baupiloten” are a participatory design build studio at the Technical University of Berlin which comprises the negotiation of the brief, time schedule and design within in the limits of a tight budget. The course was founded in 2003 by architect Susanne Hofmann, AA Dipl. as a “Studienreformprojekt” to support a stronger interface between academic and professional experience.

Client: Nordic Embassies, Berlin

Concept: Färgfabriken / medium

Tutor: Susanne Hofmann

Supervising architect: Nils Ruf

Students: Marius Busch, Max Graap

+, 0-10, Architecture, Client-funded, Commissioned, Curricular, Germany, Months, Postgraduate, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Technical Univ. Berlin, Temporary