Frame-1 Frame-10 Bild-3artecercacercarte, Madrid (Spain) and Oxford (UK) 2014

Oxford Brookes University

The project is called artecercacercarte. The idea behind it is to implement art as a capacity inherent to every human being, to reshape our society for the sake of equality and wellbeing of the humankind and of the planet. In this sense, the project is structured to be implemented in the education sector, in any kind of organisations (public and private) and also with individuals that may attend its events. The art will be this way integrated in our society’s layers through a portfolio of group dynamics and artistic actions in order to optimise the human capacities and develop a more conscious and mature society. The project works to develop awareness about the fact that it is our responsibility to create a better society and that we are able to do it.

The project was presented at the SSRU (Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University), during the last Social Sculpture Initiative Forum. I had the chance to implement one of the project’s workshops, “Gaining the human shape”. It is also now part of my research in the MA in Social Sculpture that I am pursuing at the SSRU.

Clients: Madrid Complutense University, Caritas España Charity for Homeless People, Secondary School IES Columela (Cadiz-Spain), NGO Aida Books&More, Art Space Trapezio and Culture Centre Galileo.

Other facilitators:

– Collaboration with Cáritas España, Shelter for homeless people, implementing several group dynamics in the action line “organisations” in Aranjuez, Madrid, from February to June, 2014.

– Collaboration with the CES Felipe II, School of Fine Arts of Madrid Complutense University in relation with the action line called “education”. Implementation of several group dynamics together with students and lecturers, Madrid, 2014.

– Group dynamics in the Cultural Centre Galileo within the action line called “people”, Madrid, 2014.

– Collaboration the NGO AIDA Books&More, within the action line called “organisations”. Madrid, 2014.

– Long term collaboration agreement with Picuet Gallery to implement the dynamics of the project in the gallery space, Madrid, 2013 – Present.

– Group dynamic in the Contemporary Art Center Espacio Trapèzio within the action line called “people” of the artecercacercarte project, Madrid, 2014.

Research Question:
The key research question is to learn more about dialogue, ways of working and collaborating, established concepts, mind sets and structures. Within this project the participants and myself have the opportunity to learn more about our faculty of imagination and how we can reshape our society through it.




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