Architectural Pictionary

DSC_0674-copy DSC_0673-copy DSC_0675-copyArchitectural Pictionary: Survi-ville Edition, Chatsworth, Kent (UK) 2014

PUG (Independent)

Architectural Pictionary: Survi-ville Edition took place as part of the Designing The Future project in association with ReachOutRCA where secondary school children were challenged to imagine a future, post-climate change urbanism; the problems it will face, and the architecture that it could inspire.As an introduction to the theme, and to get the participants thinking about these problems in new ways, students were given 30 seconds to draw hybrid typologies; no time for overthinking, they simply scribbled down their first and often most radical ideas for given terms.

Producing nearly one thousand drawings, the work was exhibited, along with the accompanying Survi-ville model, at The Chatham Historic Dockyard for one month, drawing over 10,000 visitors.

Thanks in particular go to ReachOutRCA, The Arts Council, The Rochester Bridge Trust, Chatham Historic Dockyard, and the participating schools.

The Rochester Bridge Trust
Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust
The Creative Mentors Foundation
Arts Council England
University Of Kent School of Music and Fine Art

Tutors: PUG – Will Fisher and James Crawford

Students: Secondary School Children

Research Question:
If radical climate change and ecological shift are inevitable, what will the world of 2064 look like, who will build it, and where will our priorities lie as a society?

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