21erhaus Pavilion

LebeninderWand-45 LebeninderWand-46 LebeninderWand-4721erhaus Pavilion, Vienna (Austria) 2016

TU Vienna

Together with the Vienna University of Technology, the 21erHaus is realizing an experimental housing installation, located in the lower level of the museum courtyard during the summer months.

How can we ensure the optimum use of living spaces? Which spatial requirements are essential in order to live cheaply and comfortably today? In times of crisis, what influence do people’s new basic needs have on the architecture of temporary housing, such as emergency shelters, on social housing or on the renovation of old urban buildings? Do we need a paradigm shift in our approach to housing? All of these questions will be addressed by this year’s pavilion project, Living in the Wall. The wall as a constructive and functional element will be innovatively reinterpreted to create a pavilion sits in the museum courtyard, acting as a talking point and a stage for discussion and debate on the issues mentioned above.

The project was realized by students of Architecture from the Vienna University of Technology under the direction of Christine Hohenb├╝chler (Head of the Institute of Art and Design, Drawing and Visual Languages) and Architect David Calas (Lecturer at the Department for Housing and Design). The 1:1 model will be used, not only by the museum visitors, by the students as an active site for debate for the duration of the project. Living in the Wall, a meeting place.

Client: 21erHaus

Other Facilitators: Harold Krejci (Curator of the 21erHaus Pavilion Project)

Tutors: David Calas, Christine Hohenb├╝chler

Students: Aaron Merdinger,Daniel Kruml,Bekim Morina, Franziska Peters, Julia Wagner, Rafael Maria Baumgartner, Lisa Jindra,Mario Kojetinsky, Biniana Hernandes

Research Question: How can a wall be reinterpreted to produce a pavilion that addresses the eminent architectural questions of our time, with regards to housing and settlement?

Links: 21erHaus,  Domus Article

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