Plymouth Waterfront

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Illustrator Plan Basic_flattened_2Plymouth Waterfront, Plymouth (UK) 2013

Plymouth University

This project started from an informal partnership between the Plymouth University Master of Architecture program, Plymouth City Council and the newly formed Waterfront Business Improvement District. It is intended to support the development of the waterfront of the city. This arrangement uses the 1st year Master of Architecture students design projects to develop both urban strategies and building designs for a range of areas on the waterfront of the city as a way of supporting both the Council and the Business Improvement District to develop and implement projects. This collaboration comprises of two elements: firstly an internal working group at the city council which includes officers from Economic Development, Planning and Estates, academics from Architecture and Planning. Secondly, the Master of Architecture 1st year students are asked to undertake a study of the waterfront developing initially an urban strategy and then a building proposition for a site. The urban strategy considers not only the spatial issues but also the social, political, environmental and economic contexts. These ideas are then fed back to the waterfront working group (directly by students and the tutor) to influence and develop the thinking of the working group, the council and Business Improvement District.

Tutors: Simon Bradbury (M Arch Year 1 leader), Alessandro Aurigi (Tutor), Bob Brown (Tutor), Krzysztof Nawratek (M Arch Program Leader)

Research Questions: What are the alternative models to neo-liberal regeneration strategies that respond to changing ecological, economic, social and political contexts? / What are the opportunities for re-industrialisation of the city and what forms might they take? / What is the political context of projects and how can we use this to support delivery?

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