Our Place

Community-interviews_01 Community-Mapping_01 SONY DSCOur Place: Creating Small Change in the Leys, Oxford (UK) 2013

Small Change Forum Team, Oxford Brookes University

The ‘Our Place’ project used internationally recognised community engagement techniques, such as neighbourhood walks, community mapping and interviews, to discover people’s likes, dislikes and aspirations for their neighbourhood.

Next steps include carrying out one or more small and quick creative projects that respond to the issues raised and which will act as catalysts for bigger, long-lasting change.

Client: Oxford City Council and the Leys Neighbourhood Partnership along with local residents of Blackbird and Greater Leys.

The Small Change Forum team comprised of Jeni Burnell (Forum chair and research associate/tutor), managed by final year architecture student Katie Shute and implemented with support from CENDEP volunteers, Ashleigh King, Charlie Fisher, Hugh Davis, Matt Nazemi and Megan Passey.

Research Question: What do people like and dislike about their neighbourhood and what small change would they make to improve it?

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