New Wortley Centre

New Wortley Community Centre, Leeds (United Kingdom) 2016

Leeds Beckett University

LPN Awards 2017 WINNER

Jury comments: “The New Wortley Community Centre project has empowered all actors involved, realising their shared vision in a meaningful and sustainable way. Project Office was key to this success, coordinating the energy and potential of both the community and Leeds Beckett University. We commend their evolution and implementation of such a coherent design strategy in a complex and fluid context.

New Wortley Community Centre (NWCC) is a new building in Leeds’ most deprived area where 34% of adults claim out of work benefits. With no funds for architectural consultancy the client approached Leeds Beckett University’s Architecture School requiring a ‘design’ to allow fund-raising to begin. The brief called for an ‘inspirational multi-purpose space with commercial functions enabling the centre to expand its reach and sustain itself in the future.’

A BA2 student won the 2009 extra-curricular competition and developed the design following £500 gifted by Leeds City Council, producing a visualisation which supported a successful Community Builders Fund application. This enabled design consultants to be employed working toward a BIG Lottery Reaching Communities bid. Students were employed by the client to conduct community consultation, a criteria of the application.

In 2013 Project Office was established within the university enabling full architectural consultancy to be delivered in house. Project Office became an RIBA Chartered Practice in 2016.

Funding of £759,497 was granted in February 2015. Project Office coordinated the design team, employing BA3 Architectural Technology students to produce the tender package drawings. A main contractor began building work in August 2015. During the construction phase students across several courses completed designing elements that were incorporated into the building.

The building was completed on time and on budget in April 2016.

Client: Residents of New Wortley, Leeds

Tutors: Jen Chalkley (Product Design), Lauren Moriarty (Product Design), Robin Brinkworth (Product Design), Andrew DuFeu (Graphic, Art and Design), Andy Edwards (Graphic, Art and Design), Jessica Bryne-Daniel (Landscape Architecture and Design), Steven Heywood (Landscape Architecture and Design), Daniel Ingram-Brown (Creative Writing), Katy Shaw (Creative Writing), Nuala Cavanagh (Creative Writing), Rachel Connor (Creative Writing)

Project Office Staff: Andrew Pye, Craig Stott, Graham Davey, Paul Hansell, Simon Warren

New Wortley Community Association Board: Bryan Bloom, Darrion Bedford, Ken Denton, Kimberly Frangos, Maureen Ingham, Sandy Cleavin

New Wortley Community Association Staff: Bill Graham, Emma Roberts, Gary Murphy, Gary Potter, Nigel Thomson, Scott Kaye, Tanya Marshall, Tendai Nkala

New Wortley Community Volunteers: Aaron Thompson, Agnieszka Dragonowicz, Alketa Idriz, Bernard Eke, Beth Wysoczanski, Bradley Barker, Bruce Abbot, Chloe Frangos, Claire Davey, Courtney Tate, Dale Saver, Daniel Boughton, Daniel Milligan, Dean Spurden, Debra Duffy, Diane Stancliffe, Edana McDonald, Ehsan Hammad, Emma Woodward, Fran Graham, Gareth Carr, Gareth Robinson, Gary Burns, Gary Ibbitson, Jay Patinson, Jennie Ashton, Jie Liu, Joanna Rzyczkowska , John Barber, John Barker, Joseph Igo, Karen Randall, Kataryna Tryko, Kerry Clark, Kevin Healey, Mandela Mabuza, Margaret Lee, Martin Fox, Michelle Cartwright, Michelle Corns, Miriam Guiterrez, Nicole Teddie, Ofori Amakye, Richard Turner, Sandra Collier, Sophie Wysoczanski, Steve McLean, Stewart Hirst, Susan Bewson, Tony Lawson, Trevor Watson, Victoria Townsend

Contractors: Brian Wild, Bryan Atkinson, Jamie Hacker, Nick Dobson, Richard Allen, Vince McDonnell, Colin Feltham

Consultants: Adrian Marsden, Andrew Gaunt, Erol Erturan, Jacob Driver, Jenni Muston, John Murphy, Pat Thornton, Paul Watchorn, Peter Baldock, Sue Preston

Landscape Construction Staff: Brenden Handley, Daniel Handley, Darren Wilde, David Adamson, Ian Rowley, John Moss, Michael Boyes, Mike Simms, Paul Haigh, Rebecca Houlding, Thomas Sampson

Architecture Students: Adam Fulton, Adrian O’Hagan, Alex Durie, Alexandra Rinder, Amy Featherstone, Anis Azlin, Anisah Parveen, Asma Dauleh, Callum Bleasdale, Callum Hairsine Krebs, Calvin Bateson, Carla Izurieta, Chris Paraskos, Christopher Newbold, Connor Buckler, David Fuller, Elliot Pick. Freddie Garside. Gareth Roberts, Gerson Almeida, Hannah Elliott, Haroulla Georgiou, Harry Winfield, Imran Zulfqar, James Ballard, Jason Cheung, Joe Chapman, Joe Morizzo, Josemar Da Costa, Jujah Singh, Kate Hopkins, Leo Braga, Marco Chan, Mariam Aslam, Matthew Pickersgill, Mohit Gera, Nick Husband, Nick Jones, Olivia Dale, Owen Toms, Pedro Landim, Rachael Branton, Rachel Berry, Rachel Mackenzie, Ramone Matthew-Franklin, Sameerah Khalid, Sarah Harvey, Stephanie Wilding, Stephen McCloy, Usman Ali, Vahagn Mkrtchyan, Will That Ton, Yue Zheng, Zain Siraj

Architectural Technology Students – Detailed Design:Abdul Zafar, Hamid Islam, Kevin Wade, Liam Pyman

Product Design Students: Adam Lloyd, Alex Bingley, Barney Stonelake, Francis Henry, Josiah Sherwood, Megan Fitzmaurice, Nathan Aston, Nicholas Curtis, Raheem Johanneson, Ross Kennedy, Tobias Bridger

Graphic, Art and Design Students: Ben Regan, Ben Rimmer, Delphine Boardman, Ray Bantug, Tristan Cox

Landscape Architecture and Design Students: Anna Rosiak, Jack Hyslop, Maro Antonakou,Rob Hilton, Stuart Norman, Will Page

Research Question: Using Project Office’s new building for New Wortley Community Centre as Case Study;
How do Architecture Live Projects achieve positive impact in areas of multiple deprivation whilst simultaneously embedding an understanding of social values in the student cohort?


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