Neuman Forest Pavilions

Neuman Forest Environmental Learning Pavilions

Troy, Idaho (USA) 2022

University of Idaho, USA

Idaho Design Build

The Neuman Forest Environmental Learning Pavilions are a series of open air structures in a pine forest protected by a conservation easement through the Palouse Land Trust.
Arranged along a ridge line, the Pavilions are designed to highlight, rather than protect visitors from the natural spaces that surround them. Views up in to the canopy, out into the understory, or down to the vibrant meadow floor are highlighted. The modular Douglas fir slatted walls screen out the wind, create ever-changing patterns of light, and give cover to view passing deer and moose that frequent the area.
Idaho Design Build partnered with land owner Judy LaLonde, the Palouse Land Trust, Troy Schools and the local community to create a space that met a variety of needs. There is a large tiered seating area for group discussions and lecture series, a variety of forest observations spaces at different levels, including many which are designed specifically for accessible use. The Pavilions also include a private meditation pavilion for hikers, looking to find a quiet spot for themselves, and a science pavilion for the local schools to use for classes, complete a solar-powered sink and lockable storage for microscopes and other equipment.

Land owner: Judy LaLonde

Client: Palouse Land Trust

Structural Engineer: Tom Gorman

Tutors: Scott Lawrence, LaRae Tomera and Mars Cantrell

Students: 2022 Idaho Design Build students, design and construction team.

Research question:

How can simple materials such as dimensional lumber be involved in alternative sourcing, innovative design, and circular construction, to reduce the cost, complexity, and environmental impact of carefully-considered architecture?

+, 11-50, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Curricular, Months, Permanent, Students with tutor, Undergraduate, Univ. of Idaho, USA