Muktangan School

Mumbai (India) 2012-17

University College London

Between 2012 and 2017, Muktangan Love Grove School children and architect Nicola Antaki carried out an experimental collective design practice at their school and in their neighbourhood. Through a series of 35 workshops the children observed, assessed, conceptualised designed and implemented interventions for their environment, working with local fabricators. The research, entitled ‘A Learning Architecture: Developing a collective design practice in Mumbai with Muktangan School children and the Mariamma Nagar community’ can be found in more detail at:

Client: Muktangan School and Mariamma Nagar community

Facilitator: Nicola Antaki

Students / Participants: Muktangan Love Grove School pupils, Adrienne Thadani, Vinita Gatne, Michael Cutts, Chhaya Jadav, Liz and Sunil Mehta, Pratibha Kathe.

Research Question:
How can architecture be considered an educator? How can design be used as a way to develop critical thinking, active citizenship and sustainable development while democratising the city?


+, 11-50, Architecture, Collaboration, Curricular, India, Propositional, School, Self-funded, Sponsorship, Students with researcher, Univ. College London, Years