LT Ranch Sessions

LT-Ranchss13_5309W-YT LTRanchss14_YuanFang LTRss15_0808RFLT Ranch Sessions, Stuciai (Lithuania) 2009-

Canterbury School of Architecture

Chelsea College of Arts

LT Ranch is a non-profit organisation providing a facility for research, experimentation and cultural events related to art, architecture, film & landscape. These Summer Sessions began with 5 participants in 2009. This is the summer event with students, practitioners as collective practitioners, to enable spatial projects in the broadest sense from student-led ideas, negotiation and enabling them with collective and meaningful fervour. There is no preparation required as the remote landscape itself is the performative venue through which participants engagement with. The rural environment, without internet, provides its own tools augmenting the basic workshop, seasonal materials found during the session and further stored during the winter months. The small local community has a role to play both practically and socially whenever possible, with problem solving, sourcing off site resources with consideration of local and our own mediated and considered economies.


2009: Ken Wilder, Kristina Kotov

2011:  Rob Nice, Kristina Kotov, Stasys Skliaustis

2012: Emma Hunter, Kristina Kotov, Stasys Skliaustis

2013: Janice Shales, Jiri Hanzlik, Kristina Kotov, Martynas Remeisis, Stasys Skliaustis

2014: Jeffrey Adjei, Jiri Hanzlik, Ken Wilder, Kristina Kotov, Stasys Skliaustis

2015: Annemarie Piscaer, Alison Lloyd, Jeffrey Adjei, Jiri Hanzlik, Tina Tran, Stasys Skliaustis


2009: Anna Parfirenko, Yi-Chuan Liu, Yu-Ting Wang

2011: Ami Kanki, Changda Wu, Dayea Kim, Georgina Walker, Hyunsuk Park, Lewis Barton, Sofia Anastasiou, Spyros Anastasiou, Sylvia Yeun Yebing

2012: Chris Humphrey, Enzo Guida, John Wo Min Kang, Keun Hye Lee, Mamo Juelin He, Marcus Boyle, Max Thomson, Mo Ja, Neda Kahooker, Paresh Parmar, Patrick Yi-wei Chen, Recy Shao Feng, Sam Lo Ming Shum

2013: Abdulbari Kutbi, Jacqueline Chia-Chen Hu, Jerry Sang Kyong Jeong, Jialing Ling, Mirella Dourampei, Nicole Mengjie Liu, Van Xin Wan, Wan Yun Tsai, Ya Gao, Yang Bai

2014: Bingyu Hu, Bo Lu, Fang Yuan, Lijiao Wen, Lin Wu, Nan Yao, Shandri van Rooyen, Sue Ahmed, Zoufung Zhou, Yun Na Liu, Yvonne Onah

2015: Declan Ralph, Emiliano Zavala, Faezeh Fahti, Helen Brewer, Lu Peng, Nathan Back-Chamness, Richard Ford, Tianyue Wang, Wei Wu, Yang Liu, Yvonne Onah

Research Question: Our research question in 2013 was ‘the research revolves around modes of discourse, exchange and engagement in the roles of spatial designers and makers in this cumulative landscape environment within an experimental and spontaneous 24/7 social condition. As it is student led, the preparation prior to travel is limited unless the student desires this in advance, researches and brings ideas to the table. It is a type of inverse migration, though temporal. Participants have thus far come from 15 different countries with as many languages (linguistic as well as design methodologies) shared and re-invented.’
And now in 2015, ‘after six Summer Sessions we have experiences and a range of projects, collective of people who have participated and disseminated via participant submitted catalogue pages, films and stories with participants offering their views from various disciplines how this research question can be paired down: With what few means can design ideas be created and made/performed in a remote landscape, when unpredictable weather and sky, insistent bugs and basic living conditions enable places to appear of particular character that over the years has produced distinctly different ways of using, designing into and living in? The spontaneous, 24/7 environment: making projects, making food, creating environments to share space, chat, play, discover spaces and places that suit particular interests for augmenting in this variable landscape. How does the rural way of being influence the existing ‘making do’ and problem solving via a range of spontaneous inhabitation and being?’



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