Let’s Build!

Let’s Build! Nkozi (Uganda) 2016

Uganda Martyrs University

This was a Special Topics (Elective) course (2016/2017) in the Faculty of the Built Environment of Uganda Martyrs University. The project site was deliberately situated in the community so that the project (a kiosk housing a pizza oven and grill) acts as an exhibit in itself of key construction elements.

The focus was key walling and roofing options that fulfill specific embodied energy and functional requirements while revealing an aesthetic often lost either due to poor building technique or utter negligence that causes material wastage.

The course objectives included:
➢ Develop a participatory approach to inquiry into and appreciation of design and build;
➢ Provide practice with problem interpretation, representation and intervention;
➢ Develop a keenness to process thoughts through sketching, drawing and modeling;
➢ Develop a perceptive outlook of the world as students probe real world issues;
➢ Develop the habits of collaborative and team learning.

The teaching and learning method included:
➢ In class workshops to introduce materials and materiality in order to inform and engage the design process;
➢ Experiments with materials and processes;
➢ Building construction;
➢ Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Client: Nkozi Community

Tutors: Alex Nndibwami and Achilles Ahimbisibwe

Students: John Humphrey Agaba, Cynthia Ainomugisha, Jiles Justice Atuhaire, Derek Ayebare Ayebazibwe, Arthur Balodha Baleeta, Martha Kabasinguzi, Gilbert Kafuuma, Rebecca Khamala, Praise Kyomugasho, Richard Migisha, Victoria N.E Mirembe, Lubowa Leslie Mugagga, Esther Muhwezi, Jemma Florence Nassazi, Jerry Oola, Andrew Swaga Muniru, Mathias Kato Tebandeke, Isaac Tibikabire Menelik, Jada Ware Thomas

Research Question: Can stepping out of the studio to engage construction in real life improve students’ perception; grow their aspirations and nurture key values?

11-50, Architecture, Curricular, Months, Semi-permanent, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Uganda, Uganda Martyrs, Undergraduate