Grange Pavilion

Grangetown, Cardiff (United Kingdom) 2021

Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Grange Pavilion began as a partnership project between Cardiff University’s Community Gateway and residents’ groups Grangetown Community Action (GCA) and Grange Pavilion Project (GPP), to redevelop a vacant Bowls Pavilion and Green in a popular neighbourhood park as a community- owned multifunctional Pavilion and garden. The residents’ aim of creating ‘a sustainable, vibrant and friendly community facility in central Grangetown, where people of all backgrounds can connect’ sat alongside an aim that the Pavilion should represent quality and act as a catalyst for further community led actions for a better-quality built environment at a neighbourhood scale.
Since 2012 residents have partnered with local and national organisations to mutually develop the capacity and expertise to take on a 99-year license for the facility through a Community Asset Transfer. This partnership capacity has supported co-production at every stage of the project. Students and researchers of the Welsh School of Architecture have supported initial scoping and feasibility, establishment of the Grange Pavilion CIO, development of the project brief, selection of an architect, evaluation of design proposals, community participation in design development, on-site engagement during construction, with ongoing engagement to include (post-Covid) internal fit out and post-occupancy evaluation and adaptation.


Grange Pavilion CIO


Community Gateway


Mhairi McVicar; Lynne Thomas; Ali Abdi; Sarah Hughes; Sophey Mills; Rosie Cripps


Dan Benham and Karolina Lee, Dan Benham Architect; Andrew Street, IBI Group


379 Undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate Taught Masters students have been engaged in Grange Pavilion live teaching projects since 2012. This includes design studio briefs n BSc3, MArc1 and MArch2, short 3-week vertical Studio briefs for consultation events running annually since 2014, and summer research internships.

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