Fabric Formwork


Fabric Formwork, Construction Week, Norfolk (UK) 2011

University of East London

Construction Week 2011 – In groups, students across different postgraduate architecture courses, developed a 1:1 solution to a given brief. They also built their design as a tool for the investigation and interrogation of ideas, delivering a conceptual and contextual assembly of both pre-existing and original areas of knowledge.

This development, design and building of a 1:1 piece required precise articulation and resolution of the group’s architectural ideas; delivering organisational options and clarifying the choices to be made, turning an abstract idea into workable and satisfactory solutions which meet a brief.

Students and Staff collaboratively helped deliver a bespoke design to an often real brief and real client, this allows students and the university to put their educational values to work as part of a community.

This particular project was to build a 1.5 metre retaining wall almost thirty metres long at Small Hopes Farm in rural Norfolk – creating the largest fabric formed concrete structure in the UK.

Client: Small Hopes Farm

Tutors: Wilfred Meynell, Phillip Wells, Alan Chandler & Malishev-Wilson Engineers

Students: Anna Masilge, Michelle Price, Will O’Brien & Fiona Layugan-Caliboso

Research question: How design can be a tool for the investigation and interrogation of ideas

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