Erika Mann School phase 1

Section_silberdrachenwelten Pink fold down tables_2.og lerngruppen 3.og drachenflug_loErika Mann Elementary School phase 1, Berlin (Germany), 2003

die Baupiloten, Technical University Berlin

During the first construction phase at the Erika Mann Primary School (designed by Ludwig Hoffman in 1915), additional learning and living environments were created in order to make classrooms more rhythmic and open. Working with pupils, a narrative called “silver dragon world” was created, which becomes increasingly expressive the further you proceed into the building. Specifications for historic monument conservation are thus met in a playful way. Seats and coat racks made of a wide range of materials immerse each floor in a unique atmosphere, simultaneously creating room for differentiated classes in smaller groups. The stair well is turned into a musical trail, with a gallery of the childrens’ art work. The school is situated in Berlin-Wedding, an area of social deprivation. Pupils, parents and teaching staff all participated in the design process. Part funding came from sponsor programme “Soziale Stadt”. Much of the construction was carried out by prisoner craft workshops and companies which specialize in training disadvantaged young people.

The “Baupiloten ” carry out participatory design and building projects as part of their architectural education. The course was founded in 2003 by architect Susanne Hofmann, AA Dipl. at the Technical University of Berlin as a “Studienreformprojekt” to support a stronger interface between academic and professional experience.

Client: L.I.S.T GmbH, Förderverein der Erika-Mann-Grundschule

Sponsor: Soziale Stadt

Tutor: Susanne Hofmann

Students: Frank Drenckhahn, Johannes Gutsch, Gordana Jakimovska, Nils Ruf, Urs Walter, Karin Behrendt, Sandra Appels, Katrin Rüter

Photographer: Jan Bitter

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