The Story Tower

26s 18s 10sThe Story Tower, Cesis (Latvia) 2013

Riga Technical University International Architecture Summer School

Bring stories, take stories, share stories – the Story Tower is an open-air reading room and book exchange shelf in the main transport hub of Cesis.

The Story Tower is the built result of the Building Works Unit run by Theodore Molloy, Niklavs Paegle and Thomas Randall-Page during two weeks in August at the Riga Technical University international architecture summer school, Cēsis, Latvia 2013.

Designed and built with 9 students in two weeks of August, the Story Tower sits in the small city of Cēsis in a busy square between the train and bus station and the civic library and is built intirely from locally sourced and recycled materials – Timber and Tetra-Pak.

We sought to use the locally established concept of a free book exchange to create a dialogue between diverse groups and individuals of the town. A place where books could be deposited before making a journey, exchanged after finishing a journey or simply borrowed whilst waiting for a bus.

The floor and structure are from locally sourced soft wood and the cladding is made form Tetra Pak shingles, a material more commonly used for milk cartons. Our workshop was donated a 100kg roll of tetra pack that was damaged and therefore unusable for cartons however we saw huge potential in the material as it is designed to be water proof and is easy to fold, cut and fix.

Tutors: Theodore Molloy, Niklavs Paegle, Thomas Randall-Page

Students: Artūrs Tols, Christof Nichterlein, Dumitru Eremciuc, Natascha Häutle, Rūta Austriņa, Signe Pelne, Tanja Diesterhof, Ulkar Orujova, Zoe Katsamani.

Research Question: Is it possible to create a dialogue between diverse groups and individuals of the town?

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